Meet Debbie, Hilary & Clive


Debbie Connors is a Generative Coach and Soft Skills Trainer. 

Debbie is founder and MD of HR School. She shares tangible skills to improve interpersonal communications, people management relationships and release potential.  

Debbie uses a blend of approaches that include Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), brain science and generative change processes in her work.  She has trained with master practitioners in their field  including Robert Dilts and is qualified in a variety of profiling tools. Debbie's practice in Generative Coaching brings a new, cutting edge dimension to her work with clients. 

Debbie has been supporting managers and leaders to resolve HR issues and support strategic people development for over fifteen years and has coached senior leaders and managers from a range of sectors and levels including the NHS, Education, Financial Services, Charity sector, manufacturing, police, pharmaceutical and IT to name a few.

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Hilary Bell

Hilary has experience of working in a variety of sectors ranging from the airline industry and IT to utilities and finance at various senior level HR positions.  Hilary has worked at national and international level latterly developing a reputation for helping engineering and software businesses to grow both in the UK and in a global environment.

An authentic leader who has a clear voice in strategic discussions and can build strong, influencing relationships at every level of the organisation. Hilary is passionate about employee advocacy and coaching managers to be great leaders. She is particularly skilled in  areas of change management, organisation design and management development.

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Clive Wilson

Clive is a coach, facilitator, speaker and author. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with senior management in a range of organisations at a national and international level.  His desire to help create a better world and thriving organisations led him to write "Designing the Purposeful Organisation" followed by his most recent work "Designing the Purposeful World".  Clive is also a passionate advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).  He is regularly called upon by business and other organisations to deliver talks and workshops about how the SDG"s can give purpose and meaning to people at any level. Clive is guest speaker on our courses and workshops sharing his wisdom and insights, which are always fantastically received. 

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