HR Help

For Businesses and HR Practitioners

HR Help 

We are able to support your business with most aspects of generalist HR.  Our preference is to work with you on a project basis that will yield greater results for you, your employees and your business.

Our help includes:

HR audit, people plans, contracts, policies and procedures, performance management, grievance and discipline, absence management, recruitment, succession plans, career management, induction process and onboarding

Support for HR Practitioners

We know how tough it can be for HR practitioners dealing with ever increasingly sensitive issues, people complexity, supporting managers and people in the multitude of ways that we do.  It can feel like there is no support or development for HR people. We know resilience is key to be successful in a present day HR job.  We've been in HR and know the territory.  We can work with HR teams and individuals to teach soft skills or lighten the load through coaching and mentoring.  We'd love to help our fellow Stars! 

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