Soft Skills Training - Short Workshops

Our programmes can be run in-house and tailored to your requirements

Our training courses are designed to increase personal performance and success in engaging and interacting with others at work.  We work with NLP, traditional and generative coaching models with a sprinkling of brain science.

Getting Performance Management Right - 1 Day

Rev up your skills to bring life and results to your 121's. Performance Reviews have had a bad reputation for a long time.  This workshop will show you how to make them work well for you and your team. Click on the title to find out more. 

Coaching Challenges - for coaches - 1/2 Day

Even coaches have challenging clients. Part of your development as a coach is to find new ways to respond to what your clients bring to the session. Spend time within our coaching community to explore and learn new approaches to increasing your range of effective coaching responses. 

Positively Mental Hacks - 1/2 Day

In this half day session, we explore the nature of stress and how it shows up in the body and mind. Taking a positive approach, you will be given tips and tools that you can apply the very next day to help recognise and reduce stress and develop resilience.

Managing through Coaching

This can be run as a one, two or three day programme. We introduce managers to core coaching concepts, skills and use of language, through to understanding the psychology and science of behaviour to applying the skills learnt to typical scenarios that arise at work with reflective feedback and follow up.

Coaching Skills for Effective Performance Reviews (Full day)

An intensive and experiential one day workshop which builds participants’ skills using tools from coaching and NLP to have effective dialogue about different areas of performance during appraisals /performance reviews.

Participants learn to create and take advantage of coachable moments, to have more efficient and constructive performance conversations that lead to action. This enables them to identify goals, build on existing achievements and take progressive steps to improved performance and results.

During the programme you will:
  • Learn to use an effective and adaptable six step coaching model that can be used for goal setting and enhancing performance 
  • Develop a coaching mindset and skills including listening and asking powerful questions
  • Have ‘courageous conversations’ with staff, leading to improved performance
  • Focus on strengthening capability through creative forms of learning and development 
  • Learn how to have effective career conversations and plan for success 
  • Handle more challenging performance issues with tips and techniques​ 
  • Develop ways to build renewed motivation through feedback and other techniques
  • Practice skills across typical workplace scenarios  
  • Take away instantly usable tools that can be used in day-to-day conversations as part of your coaching skills toolkit 

This workshop is suitable for managers who already conduct performance reviews and who want more skill and understanding on how to make 121's more productive, effective, engaging and results focused.

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Coaching Challenges Workshop (half day)

For practicing coaches

In this innovative workshop, Coaching Challenges draws on cutting edge practices from the field of Generative Coaching to boost your coaching practice. It builds practical coaching skills that takes any group of coaches to a more advanced level of skill and understanding. Coaches will be introduced to the key elements of generative coaching including 'coach state' and bringing more presence and increased self-awareness to their coaching practice. 

As any practising coach knows, all sorts of questions and conundrums arise during coaching conversations with clients.

This half-day workshop for groups of experienced coaches explores a wealth of coaching challenges, such as:

  • What to do when the client doesn't have very clear outcomes
  • What to do if the client says someone else needs to change?
  • How to move the client out of content and story and connect with their deeper aspirations  
  • How to manage a client who doesn't seem committed to their coaching outcomes
  • What do you do if the client says nothing’s improving?
  • How to bring coaching back when it goes off piste during a session
  • The above are examples of what can be covered.  We will tailor the workshop to the needs and suggestions of workshop participants.

We work with:

- Discussion of points of principle and practice

- Demonstrations of cases

- Rehearsals to explore possibilities

The result is a rich mixture of answers and insights into the challenges that occur either regularly or sometimes spectacularly in any coaching practice.


Positively Mental Hacks - 1/2 day

For managers, employees and professionals

This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand about the nature of stress and resilience and how to make small changes that can have create positive changes. 

It will cover:

  • Helpful and unhelpful thinking and how to change those patterns
  • Self care and mind management
  • explore and identify emotions and triggers to stress
  • Give useful hacks for everyday living and developing resilience 

Participants can opt in for a follow up call to check in on their progress two weeks after the course.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Learning coaching skills is a game changer for the way you manage yourself, others and challenging situations.  Our Coaching skills workshops cover:

  • Overview of coaching and differences between coaching, mentoring and counselling
  • Deep listening that increases connection to others
  • Asking questions and using language purposefully to change mindsets
  • Learn the science and psychology of behaviour
  • Understand how to motivate and inspire others
  • Set meaningful goals and overcoming obstacles
  • Learn a coaching process to get results
  • Read simple body language
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs that stop you from having difficult conversations
  • Dealing with emotions at work
  • Learn how to shift into the right mind-state when you need it
  • Understand why people are different to you and how to communicate on their wavelength

If you would like to know more about any of our courses, call 07485 046048 or email us here.


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