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Soft Skills

Soft Skills, also referred to as 'Power Skills' are the ones that 'empower' you to create positive relationships at work, deal with challenging situations, increase resilience and experience more joy. This is achieved by training your brain to think in new ways, by learning advanced communication tools and techniques and understanding more about who you are and what makes you tick. 

We are specialists in mental fitness, soft skills development and coaching.  Through these specialisms, we help leaders to lead their Human Resources, their teams, using  progressive and inspirational practices.  We've had our own ups and downs as leaders and trained to increase our own resilience and performance.  Everything we do and share with our clients comes from having experienced it for ourselves. 

Debbie Connors, Founder

Mental Fitness

Get mentally fit so you can handle the challenges of work and life without mental stress or negative emotions. We offer a cutting edge online experience that trains your brain to work for you and enhance key areas of your life. Join our 6 week supported programme coming soon.

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Power Skills

Inject advanced communication skills and language into your every day work practices. You'll notice positive changes in relationships, your impact on others, your responses to difficult people and situations, stress levels  and how you influence others

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Leadership Coaching

Athletes work with coaches to overcome hurdles and increase performance.  In the same way, successful leaders work with business coaches to overcome obstacles and enhance leadership performance. We teach and train essential skills as part of our coaching package.

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"I had the great honour to have Debbie as a coach. She has incredible insight and extraordinary ability to help you see things you hadn't seen before. Combined with her vitality, empathy and care makes Debbie a great coach to work with. I strongly recommend her. "

Barbara, Director of Operations, London and US

"Debbie is a great coach and it was a very enjoyable experience working with her. Our coaching time felt safe, fun and playful and we were able to explore new possibilities in a deep way that surprised me but also allowed me to set a new creative direction. I still use the skills that came into play during our coaching. Highly recommended! "

Paul, IT Manager, London

"The process and technique that Debbie shared with me was first class - a combination of thoughtful mindfulness and a physical and mental challenge to my limiting beliefs and assumptions. Debbie is thoughtful, empathic, professional and helps her clients achieve amazing results. She is top class and I would recommend anyone whom desires to challenge themselves to achieve the goals they want. See Debbie and achieve the future you want for yourself."

Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine MBChB FRCA, Yorkshire

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