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At HR School, we see HR as related to human resources and the progression of human relations, human interactions and human development. We provide:

  • HR Coaching and Mentoring to HR Teams and Individuals
  • Employment Law Training
  • Coaching for Leaders and People Managers
  • Empowering Women Membership

HR4HR - Coaching & Mentoring

Under the guidance of Debbie Connors, our team collaborates with HR professionals and teams to provide impactful, effective HR solutions that enhance the employee experience in diverse, multi-generational settings.

Outstanding HR practices entail both doing things correctly and doing the right things. Unfortunately, these principles often get compromised due to poor practices, misunderstandings, conflicts, shortcuts, and assumptions about people and situations. We empower HR professionals to navigate through these challenges, fostering objectivity, fairness, and the ability to handle people-related issues adeptly.

Backed by extensive experience in senior, strategic, global, and operational roles, complemented by professional coach training and various modalities, we offer a unique HR approach. By enhancing skills and understanding in handling individuals, HR can foster more engaged and inspired teams while confidently managing the complexities of people management.

Whether you're a part of an HR team, an individual member, or a standalone HR professional, we're here to support you.

HR Coaching & Mentoring

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Employment Law Training - Sexual Harassment at Work

The new law on prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace has received Royal Assent. This new duty comes into force in October 2024.

There is a new duty on employers to take “reasonable steps” to prevent sexual harassment of your employees in the course of their employment. In order to prepare companies for this new legislation, we will be running training events between April and October to support and prepare businesses to be ready ahead of the new law coming into force.  

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Coaching for Leaders and People Managers 

We understand the challenges of managing and leading a team. It entails overseeing day-to-day operations, ensuring performance and team well-being, all while possessing high levels of emotional intelligence and self-management, along with a diverse skill set. Leading your team toward business goals demands effective interpersonal skills and insight into what motivates individuals. Insufficient proficiency in these areas can lead to underperformance, high absenteeism, retention issues, and managerial burnout.

Embark on a personalised coaching program designed to cultivate the essential skills required to become an inspiring leader and proficient manager.

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Amazing Women Everywhere (AWE)

Join our community of women striving for elevated empowerment levels. This new initiative is dedicated to fostering the growth and empowerment of women. Anchored by the ethos of "together we are stronger," this endeavor is tailored for those seeking to transcend patterns of limitation prevalent among women from all walks of life. Discover how you can be part of our community today.

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