Progressive HR has to be aligned with High Emotional Intelligence 

Most people don't need managing. They want to feel empowered and supported to do well!

For me, HR and personal development go hand in hand! 

The focus of HR School is first and foremost to elevate Emotional Intelligence at work. There are many ways of doing this but fundamentally by elevating the skill levels of people managers, empowering women to realise their full potential whilst increasing psychological safety that supports the employee voice for all. In doing so, we can reduce conflict and misunderstanding, create equality of opportunity and increase enjoyment at work.

I have worked in a range of businesses at senior level and I am fortunate to have been taught and mentored by amazing teachers and experts. I am trained in a number of psychometric tools, coaching and psychological modalities and NLP approaches. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner who can flex from multiple perspectives as a business and HR professional, trainer and coach. I use a blend of process, analysis and intuition to guide how I work and make decisions. 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Coaching & Memberships

Amazing Women Everywhere (AWE)

Become part of a community of women who want to experience higher levels of empowerment - learn how to access more joy, peace and success. We need women to step up - to play their part in creating change at work, home and in their communities. We need women to remember who they can be - confident, empowered, successful and well.

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Mastering People Management (starting end September)

Would you like to learn key skills in being an effective and successful manager. Managing people is one of the hardest set of skills to acquire because most managers don't get any training and managing multiple generations and complexity at work requires high skills levels! Effective management is the biggest contributor to healthy, productive and high performing organisations and retention. This will be a membership dedicated to managing people as well as looking after your own health and wellbeing.

Starting end September!
Coaching and Mentoring for Women (launching October)

Do you feel like there's more to life than how it's playing out for you just now? Is your life out of balance, do you feel constantly tired, that you can do more and be more but limiting thoughts and how you view yourself keep getting in the way.  In this tailored 121 programme over a sustained time period you get the opportunity and space to evaluate where you are what you want to address bring more of into your life. We will work at a deep level so that you can achieve transformational and noticeable results to thrive and live much more fulfilled, balanced and empowered life. 


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