Coaching for Results

For leaders, managers, business owners and professionals

Our coaching helps people to perform at the peak of their abilities. It involves drawing out their strengths, helping them to bypass personal barriers and limits in order to have more joy and fulfilment in their work and personal life.

Different Ways to Use Coaching:


Coaches can work on site at your premises for anything from one to a few days a month coaching multiple individuals on wellbeing, behaviour and performance.

Benefits include reducing risk of burnout, reducing absence and stress, helping people to stay well and maintain performance, retain staff that might otherwise leave

121 timed sessions

With bigger goals and responsibilities come bigger challenges. Those individuals will benefit from the support of a coach to help them perform to the best of their ability. 

How we work

We can work flexibly face to face, over Skype or phone.  We understand that time is precious and we can work in a way that takes your schedule into account. 

Examples on areas we cover in coaching:

  • practice new behaviours for success over old ways of being
  • manage your state of mind over being triggered and frustrated by others or different situations
  • bring balance over stress and burnout
  • create awareness where there are blindspots
  • develop the skill to deal with conflict over avoidance
  • reignite passion and purpose where it has been lost
  • increase personal impact and credibility where trust and presence is missing
  • develop leadership skills because you've never been properly taught
  • build better relationships where tension and misunderstanding exists 

FREE Checkout Session

Book a free half hour session to explore what you're looking to achieve and to get to know the coach and if theres a good fit. Call 07485 046048

The Coaching

Before coaching commences, we work to a schedule that suits the client and the coach. We agree how we are going to work together and set out our expectations.  And then were ready to go.

Wrap Up

At the end of the coaching, we work with clients to develop an action plan so they continue to move forward and utilise what they have learned. We stay in touch for three months after as part of our client aftercare.

"The process and technique that Debbie shared with me was first class - a combination of thoughtful mindfulness and a physical and mental challenge to my limiting beliefs and assumptions. Debbie is thoughtful, empathic, professional and helps her clients achieve amazing results. She is top class and I would recommend anyone whom desires to challenge themselves to achieve the goals they want. See Debbie and achieve the future you want for yourself."

Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine, Yorkshire

"I had the great honour to have Debbie as a coach. She has incredible insight and extraordinary ability to help you see things you hadn't seen before. Combined with her vitality, empathy and care makes Debbie a great coach to work with. I strongly recommend her"

Barbara, Director of Operations, London, US

"Debbie helped me to tap in to my mind and unravel the things that have been getting in my way and really helped me to start the process of clarifying the outcomes that I would like. I felt quite a lot lighter and already more focussed having just gone through a process of identifying my desired outcomes. I feel that I have greatly benefitted. Some of the techniques l've learned requires practice but for the benefits I have gained in my home and work life, it's practice time that is worth committing to. I would recommend coaching to anyone who would like to achieve results quickly and to great effect. "

Community Dentist

Work with me

If you think coaching is a sit down conversation, you'll be surprised! Whilst it has a serious element, it's also fun and refreshing.

Take time out to focus on what you want more of in your life.  Or maybe there are things you want to achieve that may be eluding or challenging you right now. 

When we work together, we'll get clear about your goals, dreams and aspirations, whether they're for the long or short term and work out how to make them happen. You'll experience a safe space to talk, to feel heard, to practice new learnings, move past obstacles and and get the shift you want.   

Working with me opens up your creative potential to rewrite your story, bring about change and fulfil more of who you already are. We work in a way that gets you tangible results and evidence of what you have achieved as a result of the coaching.

I am a certified Generative Coach with additional diplomas and certifications in Executive and Business Coaching, Coaching and Influencing using Neurolinguistics, Transactional Analysis and Developing Mental Toughness. I have a Masters Degree in Personnel Management and for several years I have worked and consulted in a range of businesses in the areas of people management and development.

Call 07485 046048 or email here 

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