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We are a small team passionate about making a difference to the quality of the 'work-life experience'.  We believe that for organisations to grow and be profitable, people need to grow too.  More and more we find that employees are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives, to be able to look back and know that somehow they contributed to something bigger than themselves.  

We believe that line managers and leaders can be a powerful force for good.  Whilst the headlines continue to bemoan line management incapability, we want to rewrite those headlines - we want managers to be a 'force for good' by giving them the skills that are expected and needed to lead a healthy productive team but have rarely been taught.  We seek to achieve this shift in attitude and skill level through the growth of what we offer at HR School.

We hope you will join us in the quest to raise the quality and capability of line management in your organisation to become a 'force for good' so that more people and communities can have better lives and where more businesses can prosper at every conceivable level.  

Memberships and qualifications for Debbie and Hilary

Debbie Connors:

  • Generative Coaching (IAGC)
  • Masters in Personal Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Executive and Business Coaching 
  • Diploma in Advanced Coaching and Influencing using NLP
  • Leadership using Transactional Analysis (TA) (90 hours)
  • Train the Trainer 'Developing Mental Toughness'
  • MBTI Trainer - Level 1
  • Psychometric Testing Level 1 & 2
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), Coaching York

Hilary Bell

  • 2010 Advanced HR Development Course
  • 2010 Manager Development Course
  • 2008 Mergers and Acquisitions for HR Decision Makers
  • 2008 Coaching for HR Professionals
  • 2008 Leadership Practices
  • 2007 Influencing Skills

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