Soft Skills for 2021 - Raising Awareness

I started this series last week focusing on the critical soft skill of being 'adaptable', which many of us have had to embrace in 2020 and will need it even more so as we enter 2021.  The next soft skill I'm going to focus on is 'Awareness'; this is what is needed if you want to have more control over your mind, your actions and ultimately the results you get in your life.  

Everyone has moments of awareness before falling back into what could be called a trance. Back in 1991, I remember going to a lecture where a Tibetan monk told the audience that 95% of the population were asleep.  I didn't quite understand what he meant back then. He was referring to the fact that most people live in their heads, always thinking, thinking and more thinking, operating out of awareness hence walking around asleep or in a kind of trance, unaware state.

If you drive a car, you'll recognise those moments of coming our of trance into present moment awareness; have you...

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